VisualsofJulius – Photoshop for Photographers Free Download

VisualsofJulius – Photoshop for Photographers Free Download

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VisualsofJulius – Photoshop for Photographers Free Download

Who is this for?
We can give 100 people the exact same tools and and most likely all of them will learn to use them differently.

This course is for you if you don’t know anything – or very little – about Photoshop and want to learn all of the amazing things Photoshop allows us to create.

This course is for you if you feel like you could use Photoshop faster and more confidently. If you use Photoshop only every now and then, you most likely don’t have a proper workflow in place.

This course is for you if you want to save your valuable time and learn what took me years to master.

Learn the basics, sky replacements, portrait retouching, lighting techniques, color grading, personal workflows, masking, cloning and much more.

Course Curriculum

The Basics
StartWelcome To PFP + Facebook Group (1:34)
StartLesson1: Basics of photoshop (7:07)
StartLesson2: What are layer masks and how to use them (2:45)
StartLesson3: How to use adjustment layers (4:41)
StartLesson4: What are blending modes and why to use them (4:48)
StartLesson5: Difference between flow and opacity (2:35)
Image Workflow Steps
StartLesson6: How to create panoramas in photoshop (3:26)
StartLesson7: How to use camera RAW as a powerful tool (8:18)
StartLesson 8: How to use Filter tools in Camera RAW (3:37)
StartLesson9: How to use camera RAW presets (2:30)
StartLesson10: How to change the composition in your image (4:12)
StartLesson11: How to add people into your images (4:45)
StartLesson12: How to add stuff into your images (10:18)
StartLesson13: How to blend images with using light (8:01)
StartLesson14: How to blend images better together (12:24)
StartLesson15: How to add glow into your images (5:53)
StartLesson16: How to sharpen your images (5:20)
Color Grading and Lighting
StartLesson17: How to combine multiple focus points in PS (5:33)
StartLesson18: How to use curves effectively (6:51)
StartLesson19 How and why to use color balance (3:49)
StartLesson20: How to create light and fog from scratch (5:59)
StartLesson21: The most powerful color grading technique (5:29)
StartLesson22: What are gradient maps and how to use them (6:28)
StartLesson23: How to color grade with hue&saturation (1:48)
StartLesson24: How to create and use luminosity masks (9:03)
Everything About Sky Replacements
StartLesson25: How to change sky and blend it with the rest of image (12:46)
StartLesson26: How to change skies using BLEND IF (6:48)
StartLesson27: Best and most accurate way to change skies (8:57)
StartLesson28: How to chaange sky with water reflections (7:43)
StartLesson29: Example workflow on sky changes (17:46)
Removing Unwanted Things From Images
StartLesson30: How and why to use smart objects (4:12)
StartLesson31: How to remove people by stacking multiple images (7:44)
StartLesson32: How to remove people from your images (13:27)
StartLesson33: What is content aware and how to use it (5:58)
StartLesson34: Healing brush tools in removing parts (4:10)
StartLesson35: Patch tool removal (5:14)
How To Retouch Portraits Easily
StartLesson36: How to do frequency separation the right way (6:44)
StartLesson37: How to clean faces (3:30)
StartLesson38: How to smoothen skin 1 (5:58)
StartLesson39: How to smoothen skin 2 (3:59)
StartLesson40: How to dodge and burn 1 (7:07)
StartLesson41: How to dodge and burn skin 2 (3:22)
StartLesson42: How I color grade portraits (4:36)
StartLesson43: Portrait workflow 1 (12:10)
StartLesson44: Portrait workwlow 2 (10:28)
Full Image Workflows
StartLesson45: Example workflow 1 (11:27)
StartLesson46: Example workflow 2 (15:29)
StartLesson47: Example workflow 3 (22:38)
Bonus Lessons
StartBonus Lesson 1: Petra edit (39:56)

VisualsofJulius – Photoshop for Photographers Free Download

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