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TV+ Online HD v1.1.16 (Subscribed)

TV+ Online HD v1.1.16 (Subscribed)

Free online TV, free basic TV channels

Download TV+ онлайн HD ТВ MOD APK

TV + Online HD Free application featuring the main Russian TV channels. Pay TV channels are available legally under an agreement with the copyright holder. Free public TV channels are broadcasted at the request of copyright holders in versions for the Internet, sometimes with plugs instead of programs.

It is possible to customize the application to your liking and add streams / TV channels from any sources (HLS format), including your local IPTV provider. There is Google Cast (TM) support for casting from a mobile device to a TV / set-top box with Android TV (TM). For Google Cast (TM) to work , there must be a device on Android TV (TM) in the same WiFi network, otherwise the button is blocked by the system. Added support for Picture-in-Picture (PiP) function, works on Android 8 and above. The function allows you to display video on top of all applications.

Online TV viewing is carried out via the Internet (IPTV / OTT), therefore, for stable operation, an unlimited Internet channel with a bandwidth of 2 Mbps or more is required. In the absence of unlimited mobile Internet, keep in mind that the traffic consumption when watching a TV channel is about 80 MB per 10 minutes at a bitrate of 1.3 Mbit / s when choosing the maximum quality and 2 times less when choosing the optimal amount (not available for all TV channels). In case of switching to sound only mode, constant buffering and freezing of all TV channels, make sure that other applications do not use the Internet or other devices on the network do not occupy the entire width of the Internet channel. The stability of the sources is not guaranteed; technical work is periodically performed on servers and communication channels.

The app has paid subscriptions to pay TV channels. Subscription prices are based on the requirements of the copyright holders and the commission of the payment system. To cancel subscriptions in the Play Store application, press Menu, then My subscriptions.

Your device must have an H264 video codec with support for AVC1.64001E, AVC1.640028, AVC1.4D401F profiles, AAC MP4a.40.2 audio codec, otherwise there may be sound without video and closing the application. Your device must have sufficient power to play Full HD video, otherwise video artifacts and mismatch between audio and video may appear.

Russian TV channels are available only to users from the Russian Federation (restriction by IP address). Viewing is free. The order of the channels of the first and second multiplex is determined by law. This application is distributed only in the Russian segment. We are open for cooperation, send questions, wishes or complaints.


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