Toontrack – Drums MIDI Pack Update 08/11/2021

Toontrack – Drums MIDI Pack Update 08/11/2021

Midi grooves for Toontrack EZdrummer 2, Superior Drummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3

Update 08/11/2021:
Toontrack – EZX Electronic Edge
Toontrack – Modern Funk Grooves – Many thanks to clauio

After installation, it is imperative to make (Settings – Advanced- Rescan MIDI Database ) in SD3 !


1. Along the way:
– for MacOSX users / Library / Application Support / EZDrummer /
– for Windows users C: ProgramData Toontrack EZdrummer

completely replace the MIDI folder with the folder from the downloaded image
* ( if there is no EZdrummer folder, then you need to create it )

2. After that open Superior Drummer 3 , click: Settings> Advanced> Restore MIDI Database …

3. In the Grooves tab , in the list of midi-groove libraries from Platinum Samples, Groove Monkee and Steven Slate Drums Grooves , where there are orange folders with an exclamation mark, click Add Database .

– If you want the MIDI folder to be in a different location, move this folder and after opening SD3 , in the Grooves tab you will find the error No MIDI library found

click on Libraries Settings and in the Additional Libraries tab select the new location of the MIDI folder ( and reload Superior )


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