Tim Petherick Focus Comp Pro v3 Nebula 3 Library

Tim Petherick Focus Comp Pro v3 Nebula 3 Library

This compressor has a very aggressive optical sound! one of my first ever compressors that was originally free. This has now been taken to a new level in v3! Low Price, huge sound!

Focus Comp Pro v3. New Improvements-

Single Compression presets load into any sample rates without any change of quality
Improved grab and Program dependence
Special designed evf to reduce distortions
Pre amp can interpolate between colored and flat response
Hybridized Feedback preset that allows the use of Look-ahead


N3/N4 Jpn skins (N4-click on edit for black skin)
A Ratio of 3 and 5 to choose from
Attack and release that goes beyond the hardware.


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