Tim Petherick Blue 1102 v2 Nebula 3 Library

Tim Petherick Blue 1102 v2 Nebula 3 Library

This eq is inspired by the module originally found in the 8*68 console. It has the characteristics of a 1*73 with added frequencies in the High band and a added High-Q mid range. The character is broad, making it a great general mixing eq. Classic curves and huge tone, the sound of a classic!


Dynamically sampled low shelf, 33, 60, 110, 220. Lower cpu version available
Mid band, 350, 700, 1600, 2700, 3200, 4800, 7200 hz with Hq selector
Band Isolated Combined Filters: High pass- 45, 70, 160 and 360hz, Lowpass- 18, 14, 10, 8 and 6khz
Band Isolated High shelf.
No chirp pre, with two settings
Distortion instance to get that pushed sound which is more intense on low frequencies, this will be more obvious on bass drums for example (note-this will work better on louder peaks, it’s been tuned to be more subtle)
recommend peaking around -10db
Sample rates 44.1, 48 , 88.2 and 96khz
N4 and N3 JPN skins


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