Tim Petherick 100a V4 Nebula 3 Library

Tim Petherick 100a V4 Nebula 3 Library

Inspired by a modern leveler the classic ratio changing gain reduction (very soft Knee) gives a more subtle compression character on low gain reduction and into limiting on high gain reduction.

What’s new in V4?

Program dependent attack and release is greatly improved
New vu style metering or led peak metering
Better side chain filtering
Improved preamps
Linear compression bonus preset is a single preset that works on all sample rates without the need for matching
Improved grip on compression
There are two compression styles to choose from. Use either full (this is full tonal emulation with two sample rate selections to choose from) Or Linear Compression (this is a bonus linear frequency response version that sounds more hifi)

Preamp should be placed after compressor. On loading preamp, the mode knob should be selected to first position for use with compressor. If the just the pass through sound is desired i.e without compression, use second selection.

Graphics meter tip for n4 , regarding flickering, use a lower ledspeed found in n4’s xml, for example 1 .

For n4 users simply click on edit for silver skins.


N3 users who don’t use skins, Note the main output knob is the output pad on the outside rotary knobs of the standard skin. The LED version has a workable makeup gain, however the rotary knob will work better for this library. I recommend using the dedicated skin for the library If possible.


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