Survival on raft: Crafting in the Ocean v248 (Mod – Unlocked)

Survival on raft: Crafting in the Ocean v248 (Mod - Unlocked)

Brand new survival games — survival in the middle of the ocean with multiplayer!

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Survival on raft: Crafting in the Ocean – a classic simulator of survival in the middle of open ocean. The plot of the story here is very simple: the main character during the crash is the only survivor. After the crash, he finds himself on a small wooden raft in the vast ocean expanses. To survive, he will have to use improvised means for the production of fresh water, finding useful items among the rubble and build new parts of his ship. Also, he has to repel the attacks of bloodthirsty sharks that will accompany the raft everywhere.

🦈 Survival Simulator
Watch for indicators of health, hunger and thirst. Otherwise your adventure on the raft will quickly end!

📜 Explore the recipe for crafting!
Catch fish, grow vegetables and get water — do everything to survive! Create building materials, clothes, weapons, chests and other things necessary for survival.

💡 Extract resources!
Use the hook to catch the necessary resources: debris, algae, boxes and others. They will be useful to you for survival!

🔨 Build and improve!
Spread, equip and protect the raft. Build a real shelter that will allow you to last as long as possible!

If you like games in the survival genre and crafting games, then our game will surely appeal to you!

Write your feedback to our groups — we will try to disassemble all appeals and take into account your comments in further updates!

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We continue to work on fixing technical problems:

▸ Reworked the island loading system — we hope that the problem with the the islands will be resolved;
▸ Worked on optimization and tried to fix the problem with low FPS on some devices;
▸ Fixed various bugs;

Attention! Devices with low RAM can experience problems.

Survival and Craft: Crafting In The Ocean MOD APK Info:

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