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SimCity BuildIt v1.38.0.99752 (Free – Google Play)

SimCity BuildIt v1.38.0.99752 (Free - Google Play)

Build and manage your very own city, and watch it come to life.

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SimCity BuildIt – a game in the genre of town-planning simulator on the Android platform from the Canadian developer EA. Gameplay is common for this kind of projects. The user at the mercy is given a small town. It must be developed and everything must be done so that the citizens are happy and do not need anything. At first, the player will be advised by virtual assistant Eve.

After several actions under her leadership, new residents will begin to arrive in the city, and the user will become familiar with the possibilities and control. Then the player begins to fully engage in the development of infrastructure. The first step is to establish industrial production. By building power plants, factories and warehouses for building materials, the user will provide resources for the implementation of projects in other industries. You can also visit the neighboring cities and buy the missing materials. Of course, all the activities of the mayor are aimed at meeting the needs and requirements of citizens.

Enjoy the gameplay helps not only easy control and intuitive interface, but also beautiful 3D-graphics. The city is drawn perfectly, even when approaching, the buildings look like real ones. Also, the game has a good soundtrack, which adjusts to the working mode. SimCity BuildIt is an example of what a first-class urban simulator should be.


SimCity BuildIt travels to Rome with the new Mayor’s Pass Season. You can now bring the glory of the Roman Empire to your city with buildings such as Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon. Build Ponte Milvio and see the Roman Trireme sail through the rivers and lakes.

In addition, we are bringing exciting new changes to the Contest of Mayors by introducing assignment Streaks. Participants will be able to earn bonus points for completing selected assignments in a sequence.

Happy building!

SimCity BuildIt MOD APK Info:

Note: Run the game without the Internet, if the game asks to download resources, turn on the Internet and download. After that, immediately turn off the Internet. The following launches of the game to conduct without the Internet!
Mod only works with emulators











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