Show and Sell: DIY Marketing Photography for Entrepreneurs

Show and Sell: DIY Marketing Photography for Entrepreneurs

 Show and Sell: DIY Marketing Photography for Entrepreneurs

This class is for small business owners, artists, and anyone interested in improving their visual communication skills through photography. Your finished project will be five images that show your product in every light and convey your aesthetic visually.

This course is do-it-yourself, practical, and focused on creating images with intention, instead of just the theory. It is perfect even (or especially!) if you do not want to become a photographer. You will walk away with the tools to take better photos immediately for refreshing you social media, generating interest with behind-the-scenes photographs, or launching an online store!

In this class you will learn the technique I use to create awesome branded images easily:

    • Find/figure out your visual identity
    • Gather images that inspire you
    • Break down the ways to recreate them
    • Shoot the 5 core types of marketing and merchandising photographs

As a baseline, you will need to be able to take a properly exposed photo. If you can take one photo, you can take a better one!

    1. Behind-the-scenes image
    1. Clean product shot on white
    1. Lifestyle image
    1. Image that shows size
  1. Stock photo for banners

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