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Religion inc. v1.1.73 (Mod – Free skill purchases)

Religion inc. v1.1.73 (Mod - Free skill purchases)

Create your own religion! New evolution sandbox simulator game about Gods!

Download Religion inc. God Simulator & Sandbox World Create MOD APK

Create your own religion using different combinations of “skills”
Feel like a god in the new religion simulator!

Humanity has always had a need to believe in something greater than it is. It searched for the light that would guide it through the millennial darkness. Faith has always been this light for millions of people. Religion helped people to overcome the difficulties of life; it helped to find peace and happiness. There are many religions in the world. Every single one of them gives different answers to questions people ask throughout their life. But have you ever wondered what shapes could different faiths and beliefs take? You can find an answer in our new game. Create your own unique religion. See how it survives the test of time. Make it the only religion that unites everybody!

How to play:

Choose a country where your religion starts
Earn “Enlightenment points” and develop your religion
Acquire different skills: from different ways of spreading your religion to divine miracles!
Adapt to different countries, events and times!
Be careful: if your religion is too strict, unbelievers will resist! They can ruin all your plans, so you will have to fight them


• New mechanics of Austerity and Fanaticism
• All Archetypes rebalance
• New core events
• Geographical discoveries
• Removing the ban on pumping ults of the first section
• Adding tasty bonuses for level 2 traits of the first section
• Adding small bonuses for the abilities of the second section
• Redesigned events
• Substantial game optimization

Religion inc. God Simulator & Sandbox World Create MOD APK Info:

Mod Menu
Free skill purchases











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