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PlugInGuru Beautifully Broken (O2|Unify) | Go AudiO

PlugInGuru Beautifully Broken (O2|Unify)

Now with 177 Patches in Unify format! The Unify Patch that = a Multi are split to separate Layers so you can quickly swap any layer to a different PlugIn to easily customize to YOUR unique sound! Truly groundbreaking to have this level of flexibility!

Beautifully Broken now includes 19 Multis, 157 Patches, 36 SoundSources PLUS Bonus Drum Loops in both RX2 and .WAV format! One of the deepest libraries I’ve ever created!!

Dirty, noisy and imperfect but still beautiful and inspiring patches, multis and so much more!

With a handful of choice samples from Skippy’s Waldorf Pulse AND a tasty handful of inspiring drum loops that have added noise and glitches in them, we have a truly inspiring library like nothing else we’ve released! If you’re a fan of Boards of Canada, µ-ziq, M83 and others in those genres, then we’ve got you covered! ALL Patches and Multis have 4 MIDI CC#’s assigned (MIDI CC#’s 1,2,4 and 67) for TONS of control over different aspects of the Patches and Multis!

Listen to the audio demos, watch the patch walkthru video (and other support videos) and be impressed with what YOU can do after adding this amazing library to your arsenal!


Protected: PlugInGuru Beautifully Broken

Published: April 2, 2021

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