MultiCraft ― Build and Mine! v1.15.9 (Last Update)

MultiCraft ― Build and Mine! v1.15.9 (Last Update)

MultiCraft ― world of unlimited possibilities
The Adventures are waiting for YOU

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MultiCraft ― Build and Mine! – a high-quality clone of “Minecraft” with several modes and a huge space for creativity. The user is invited to go to a unique world where he can engage in various activities, such as building various objects, surviving in a hostile environment, or traveling alone through uncharted lands. During the passage, he will be able to use various resources and materials, make tools and weapons. There is also a multiplayer mode, where you can play with friends.

In our game you will find:
► Cows, pigs, sheep and other peaceful mobs;
► Huge and Small Spiders;
► Insidious Skeletons;
► Strong Zombies and other hostile mobs;
► Red and Blue ore, mechanisms;
► Realistic gameplay;
► Cows, pigs, sheep and other peaceful mobs;
► Chickens, that lay eggs;
► Stable FPS and long-distance map and world drawing without lags;
► High game optimization and world generation for all modern devices;
► A lot of different biomes and the unique topography;
► A large number of different foods and plants;
► Convenient and fully adapted touch controls;
► Accelerated flight;
► Singleplayer with Survival and Creative modes;
► Multi-Player mode on multiple servers.

An open source application licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.
Source code and license agreement are available at:
All rights reserved.


Please tell your friends about MultiCraft and play together completely free!
Version 1.15.8:
• Updated Watermelons, Pumpkins and Potatoes
• Added Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Blueberries
• Fixed or changed various crafting recipes
• Updated even more textures to show the gold standard of true pixel art sandbox game
• Other fixes and improvements.

Thank you for being with us. The next major update is coming soon!











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