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MidiLatino Worldwide Reggaeton WAV MiDi

MidiLatino Worldwide Reggaeton WAV MiDi

Inspired by top-tier artists and the modern Reggaeton 2020 movement, our production team set out to create a single MEGA-LIBRARY that weighs (3.89 Gb) with 400 folders , including; 200 Samples with their respective multi-tracks, many recorded in analog form to obtain unique sounds that you will not find in a VST. We also include, 400 Reggaeton Midis that will help elevate your “Type Beats,” 50 Loops that are at the forefront and a Drum kit of the highest quality that ALL producers who produce in this genre need to have.

Within this pack you will not receive 1 if not 9 libraries, which were coldly calculated to precision, to find the perfect sound in each style that we try to cover. Also, we have determined that only 1,000 licenses will be issued to use the content. In other words, the content of “WorldWide Reggaeton” was not designed for everyone, it was built for those who are passionate about looking for the perfect sound. Finally, this MEGA-PACK is 100% Royalty Free. That is to say, NO, you will have to pay us even $ 1.00 for any type of royalties or sales that you generate based on the content of this pack.

The most important thing to mention about “Haze” is that the synths we used to create this Sample Pack have an incredible amount of character and emotion in every sound. We use some of the most iconic synthesizers like the Prophet 5, Wavestation, Jupiter 8, Juno-60, among others. To create melodies close to Bad Bunny and Anuel AA that can only be heard at midnight inside a nightclub.

* 50 Samples + Stems + Midis

If you close your eyes and listen to the Island Samples. You will end up in Punta Cana, Cancun or Panama. With well 2020 melodies inspired by Reggaeton from Miami. We take as a reference the productions of Rich Music among others.

* 50 Samples + Stems + Midis

The textures included in this pack are included in the YHLQMDLG style.

* 50 Samples + Stems + Midis

If you want to build well updated Dembows and Loops, you must have the right tools to do it. In our “Legendary Drum Kit” we bring you 40 Kicks, 40 Snares, 40 Percs and 20 Fx’s that will make your Loops sound well forward. All the sounds in this pack have been processed to get the best possible quality.

This Loop Pack has 2 folders . The first, with 30 Dembowsthat are at the forefront of what is currently being heard. We try to cover all the most used BPM’s in the industry. We take as bases, world-class hits and all the most successful albums of this year. The second folder contains 20 Layers of Loops so that you can combine them with your favorite Dembows and you can get great combinations.

This is the continuation of our famous series of “Reggaetón Midi Packs” thanks to the good reach that all previous editions had, we decided to release 2 editions exclusively for our “Worldwide Reggaetón.” This Midi Pack is the “Reggaeton Midi Pack Vol 5” and has 100 Midis and 50 Chordsto get you out of trouble when inspiration lacks. These chords were made with some more complex scales than conventional, in order to take you out of the monotony of what is being heard in the market today and perhaps encourage you to discover new styles as a producer.

Sometimes we just want to try something new. When it comes to music everything falls to the muse, and that is exactly what we seek to get out of you with the “Reggaetón Midi Pack Vol 6” brings 100 Midi ” Type Beat ” styles Inspired by Sech, Zion and Lennox, J Balvin, Rosalia , Ozuna among others. These Midis will inspire you and bring out that super producer that we all carry inside.

The Reggaetón of South America could not be left behind. We traveled from Patagonia to Medellin looking for the perfect melodies. Enjoy!

* 50 Samples + Midis + Stems

In addition to acquiring almost 4Gb of content, we also have 2 great collaborations to raffle off.

Inside this Mega-Pack you will find the instructions on how to participate. On top of that we add our “Reggaetón Series Sample Pack.”


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