lentil v1.8 for Arnold Free Crack + Key Download

lentil v1.8 for Arnold Free Crack + Key Download

Lentil is an advanced camera toolkit for the Arnold renderer. It is a set of shaders that extends creative control and physical correctness, while significantly reducing the time (~30x) needed to render bokeh through bidirectional sampling of camera rays.

By decoupling camera rays from primary rays, our bidirectional adaptive sampling of bokeh makes rendering depth of field in-camera practical.

Physical vs. Speed
As often is the case in CG, there’s a choice between speed (thin-lens) and physical correctness (polynomial optics).

Creative control
The thinlens model features additional creative control over the appearance of bokeh. See all features here. The polynomial optics model includes many different lenses to suit to your needs.

If C4DToA:

Files in /bin/$operating_system go to $C4D_INSTALL/plugins/C4DtoA/shaders

Files of type .str in /c4d/strings_us go to $C4D_INSTALL/plugins/C4DtoA/res/strings_en-US/description

Files of type .res and .h in /c4d/description go to $C4D_INSTALL/plugins/C4DtoA/res/description

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