Johnny Trigger v1.12.3 (Mod – Money & Vip)

Johnny Trigger v1.12.3 (Mod - Money & Vip)

Jump and shoot! Kill your targets! Become the best secret agent!

Download Johnny Trigger – Action Shooting Game MOD APK

Johnny Trigger – very dynamic action-platformer in which the main character using his incredible acrobatic ability and accurate shooting will destroy bad guys on the streets. At each level, the character will pass through a certain area, where in several places he will meet enemies. During collisions, the time will slow down, allowing the player to take accurate shots. To get to the goal need to be mandatory, as otherwise opponents can return fire. In the process of passing the gamer will be able to access the new guns and other features.

Quick test. You will be a shooter, if….

1. The risk of unpredictable death does not frighten you.
2. You know what does mean «bullet». You should know, come on!
3. You have tried at least one time in your life to squeeze the trigger.
4. The game «Johnny Trigger» has been already downloaded on your device!

Why is it a good game to play? Let us highlight the core points!

🔥 There are 30 levels to train your reaction and shooting skills in the game. Every single level is unique in terms of the strategy you should follow. For example, at some levels you will have 12 bullets and up to 3 criminals, at some – way more criminals and only 5 bullets without any chance to recharge the gun. Additionally each level differs from the previous one in terms of environment: bombs, holes, various surfaces – you will never know what to except in the future.

💣 Your hero will be constantly upgrading: new guns and other weapons, stylish outfits and even more surprises will become available in the process. Besides, you have a golden chance to buy some extra features using your own money earned by working as a spy. You know that money is an excellent motivation to do your best and reach the prime 🎯 target – The most criminal person among all existing criminals – the Boss.

🚁 No one is going to play on your nerves! What does it mean? Imagine the situation: you failed the mission (it is life, it can happen with everyone) and thus the current level for you is finished.

What is your next step now? Start blaming the whole world because you are supposed to begin from the very first level again! Actually, no… in this game you are allowed to restart right from that level which you failed. As a result, your nerves, phone or other device will be safe and sound.

Three main reasons to start playing now.

  • Interesting and breathtaking plot.
  • No sophisticated skills are required.
  • Transparent hierarchy of the levels.

Are you still hesitating? Do not lose your chavnce to kill enemies with an incredible headshot!

Welcome to the world of Johnny Trigger!


Bug fixes.

Johnny Trigger – Action Shooting Game MOD APK Info:

Free in-app purchase











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