iOS Widgets KWGT v2021.Jun.09.19 (Paid)

iOS Widgets KWGT v2021.Jun.09.19 (Paid)

iOS 14 like Widgets to your Android. 60 Widgets⚡. More widgets will come.

Download iOS Widgets KWGT🔥 MOD APK

Bring the iOS 14 like Widgets to your Android Devices with iOS Widgets KWGT APK

iOS Widgets KWGT is not a standalone app. It requires KWGT (PRO)

Currently Included 60 Widgets.
Next Update soon.
More widgets will come.

Small widgets need to use 3×3 size
long widgets need to use 4×3 size
Big widgets need to use 4×5 size
You have to adjust the size manually since KWGT doesn’t have these sizes as templates.

Apple just announced iOS 14 with widgets. Now you can have the iOS widgets on your Android phone with KWGT. So far this is beta, so it only has some of the widgets but will be updated regularly to add more of the iOS 14 widgets.

Widgets of all sizes included are

Apple TV,
Run Club,

With limitations to KWGT, album covers for long and big music have no function just opens music player. If no album covers show, just change the path in the global tab. If you only stream music vs downloading them, then there may not be an album covers folder on your phone.

Notes widget needs the free Dashcards companion app to work. Just install and click widget to start writing notes. Each line is a new note.

This widget pack requires

iOS Widgets KWGT v2021.Jun.09.19 (Paid)

 KWGT PRO Version
iOS Widgets KWGT v2021.Jun.09.19 (Paid) Custom launcher (Ex. Nova)

To use the widget pack:

iOS Widgets KWGT v2021.Jun.09.19 (Paid)

 Download KWGT Pro, this app, and a launcher (if needed)
iOS Widgets KWGT v2021.Jun.09.19 (Paid) Put a KWGT widget on your home screen
iOS Widgets KWGT v2021.Jun.09.19 (Paid) Click iOS 14 Widget under the installed tab.
iOS Widgets KWGT v2021.Jun.09.19 (Paid) Choose a widget you like and make adjustments (if needed, some phones may.)
iOS Widgets KWGT v2021.Jun.09.19 (Paid) Enjoy!!!


Auto color theming Android 12🔥 like widgets. Total 60 widgets.More widgets will come soon.

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