How to Draw Wrinkles and Folds

How to Draw Wrinkles and Folds

How to Draw Wrinkles and Folds

In this class you will learn to draw wrinkles and folds for your clothing for comics.  This is an extremely important thing to practice often if you struggle to make clothing or folds look soft and believable.

Paying attention to the patterns that you find in various materials will make this a lot easier to do.  We will go over some of these techniques in simple practice activities first, then implement what we have learned in a couple of finished renderings.

Take your time and allow yourself some room for mistakes.  We learn by our experiences so don’t rush through them.  Drawing wrinkles and folds is not an easy task and that is exactly why we need to practice them often!

I hope you find these lessons to be informative and I can’t wait to see your art.  Good luck with your artwork and thank you for watching this class! 🙂

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