Guns of Boom PTS v25.0.38 (Mod – unlimited bullets)

Guns of Boom PTS v25.0.38 (Mod - unlimited bullets)

Welcome to Guns of Boom Public Testing Server!

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Guns of Boom PTS is an online action game in which the user will be able to try out all the new features for the original game as part of a public beta test. By joining the server, the player will have the opportunity to test all the innovations and content updates, master the latest game mechanics and modes. After the matches, gamers will have a chance to tell about their impressions and comments, which will eventually help developers understand which improvements should be introduced to the original, and which ones should be delayed.


Updated all male and female character animations
The differences in positioning of male and female characters have been reduced – now they behave exactly the same in the identical situations, including hiding behind cover (shoulder peeking)
Characters now hold guns differently depending on weapon type
Fixed the color logic of consumables and battle effects. For instance, health regenerating items are now all colored green

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