Flux Junger Audio Level Magic v21.9.0.50083-R2R

Flux Junger Audio Level Magic v21.9.0.50083-R2R

evel Magic is a comprehensive loudness management processor utilizing an algorithm, developed and enhanced over several years by Jünger Audio, highly adaptive to the structure of the incoming audio to meet the requirements of the broadcast and media industry, producing a result without artefacts such as pumping, breathing or distortion.

All Features

True Peak level metering and limiting – ITU-R BS.1770 / EBU R128 Compliant
Up to 8 channels Input/Output
Input / Output Gain (-12/+12 dB) applied to the limiter input and to the output stage of the limite
Multistage processing, providing the option to set the algorithm to perform the limiting processing in multi-stages, in order to achieve even more precise and natural sounding results.
True bypass control routing the incoming signal direct to the output for a smooth transition between clean and processed signal


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