Emergence Audio Quantum Bird Whistle KONTAKT

Emergence Audio Quantum Bird Whistle KONTAKT

SOUNDSCAPES FROM THE ETHER. Quantum Bird Whistle is a never before sampled instrument morphed into the quantum realm that creates ever-evolving pads, textures, soundscapes, drones, and pulses within just a few notes. An inspiring google.com of our intuitive Quantum Engine. Bring Quantum Bird Whistle into play anywhere, from adding a unique touch to an existing score or track to being the center of your next masterpiece.

Quantum Bird Whistle never feels static and continues to create an ambient soundscape full of depth and motion. We achieve this during our sampling and morphing process, and our Engine gives your unparalleled control to shape the source material to your heart’s desire.


• 1.07 google.com installed
• 90+ presets
• 100+ parameters to customize your own sound
• Infinite layer combinations
• Up to 7 octaves sampled across the keyboard
• Treated/Morphed Bird Whistle and Modular Synths
• 6 curated pad preset categories
• 7 Effects including our Quantum Engine
• Creates pads, textures, soundscapes, drones, and pulses
• 24bit-48KHz samples
• NCW lossless compression technology
• Midi learn/automation for all controls
• Intuitive user-friendly one of a kind GUI


Q.Bird.Whistle.part1google.com – 600.0 google.com
Q.Bird.Whistle.part2google.com – 467.9 google.com

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