Echo Sound Works Vivid Update 2

Echo Sound Works Vivid Update 2

Vibrant analog inspired synths for Serum
Vivid is the ultimate collection of analog inspired synth presets for Serum. It’s perfect for Synthwave, Disco Pop, Pop, House, Future Bass, and even Hip Hop.

We painstakingly captured the sound of classic hardware synths like the Moog, Juno, and Prophet and added modern polishes for a vintage yet current sound.

As producers, we all know how important unique sounds are. They can literally take a common chord progression or simple melody and turn it into something memorable and magical.

Each Serum preset in Vivid is dripping with character. Our goal was to create a collection of presets that becomes your go-to when you need to introduce an interesting or unique sound to your song or beat.

We created 150 custom wavetables sourced from hard to find vintage synths to make Vivid unlike any other Serum bank.

300 Presets

150 Custom Wavetables

Macros Active On Every Preset

Velocity Macro Active On Many Presets


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