Echo Sound Works Sub Zero 808 v1.5 WAV KONTAKT

Echo Sound Works Sub Zero 808 v1.5 WAV KONTAKT

808 & Sub Bass library for Kontakt
Finding the perfect 808 can be hard, but not anymore. We made Sub Zero 808 because we as producers, wanted a better, faster way of laying down our 808’s.

We made over 200 presets in total for this library, but only kept the best of the best. We threw away any that didn’t make the cut.

3 types of presets


These are your classic, heavy hitting, beat defining 808’s you’d come to expect in a library like Sub Zero 808

No Kicks

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Each 808 has an accompanying “No Kick” version which is perfect for when your track already has a kick that you like.

Clean Subs

Sometimes you just need a simple, yet full sounding sub bass and that’s why we made these. Perfect for multiple genres of EDM.