Echo Sound Works Evoxa Serum Edition Complete

Echo Sound Works Evoxa Serum Edition Complete

Evoxa is a groundbreaking set of vocal-based presets for Serum.

You read that right. Evoxa comes with 525 presets for Serum and is our biggest single Serum bank ever.

The idea was simple. Making it happen was not. Evoxa for Serum is one of the most unique banks we’ve ever made, with at least one vocal element used for every preset⁠—even the ones you wouldn’t expect. The result is a collection of distinctive, sonically intriguing sounds that are like nothing you’ve heard before.

Evoxa is neatly organized into 11 categories so you can quickly navigate the huge number of presets to find the one you need. Take a listen to some of our personal favorites and click the button below to see the specific per-category preset counts.

ESW Evoxa Serum Edition Product Box

Here’s exactly what you’re getting

✓ 525 Serum Presets

✓ 400 Samples & Loops

✓ 250 Custom Wavetables

✓ 1 Ableton Session

✓ Custom Serum Skin

✓ 3.6 of Content