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A custom OpenGL ES driver and game optimizer. Root required. Really.

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GLTools is a custom graphics driver, that lets you improve gaming performance, quality, and compatibility.


Device info emulation: replace your CPU, GPU and RAM info to get better graphics of high-end devices
The resolution, color depth, and anti-aliasing control in any app
FPS limiter and unlimited that lets you unlock full FPS in any supported game
On-screen FPS counter
Texture compression and decompression support, even if your GPU doesn’t support format used in the game
GLSL shader optimizer
Compatibility-related features that let you run some older games on a modern device
More to come

Unlike its preceedor this app doesn’t replace system files, so it can work on devices with no root available.

Supported modes:

Rooted mode. The best one, as always, requires root
Virtual machine mode. Root in virtual machines is usually almost as capable as a real one, so this one is the nicest to have on devices with no root
Virtual space mode. Requires a virtual space with a debuggable flag set, those virtual spaces are usually called “optimized for GameGuardian”. Use if everything else fails

While this application is completely safe to use on its own (unlike original GLTools), we cannot guarantee that you won’t get banned by some shady game developers that don’t respect your right to control graphics quality on your own device. This app is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied.


Added privacy policy.
Corrected MSAA/CSAA titles.
Enhanced “Advanced RAM spoofing” option.
eglChooseConfig with NULL attributes is now allowed (fixes crashes in some apps).
Added an option to disable shader cache.
Added “Advanced” resolution change method.
Added FPS graph.











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