Domestika – Adobe Photoshop for Retouching Portraits

Domestika – Adobe Photoshop for Retouching Portraits

Domestika – Adobe Photoshop for Retouching Portraits
Develop an efficient workflow in the post – production process is key to achieving professional quality and in portrait photography, this is often what differentiates a photographer Amateur one set. Iris Encina is a photographer and professional retoucher, and in this 5-course Domestika Basics, she will show you her method of retouching portraits in Adobe Photoshop, paying special attention to skin and hair.

You will start by entering Camera Raw, where you will give the first preparatory touch-ups to your photos before passing them to Photoshop. You will configure your workspace and adapt it to your needs.

In the second course you will start retouching in Photoshop and you will know tools that will become your best friends, such as the smoothie, the concealer brush, the clone buffer and the selection tools.

You will continue to discover the separation of frequencies, a process by which you can divide a photo into layers of texture and color to facilitate the cleaning of skins and color correction.

The fourth course will focus on Dodge and Burn tools, which will allow you to manipulate the exposure at specific points in a photo; In this way you will generate volume in them and improve the texture of the skin.

You will finish your learning by learning color adjustments and giving your personal touch to the photos through adjustment layers. Finally, you will learn to export your photographs for different formats, both web and print.

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