Denis Persenen – LifeStyle Shooting

Denis Persenen – LifeStyle Shooting

Denis Persenen – LifeStyle Shooting
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Denis Persenen

Guru of home photo shoots, master of composition; in the simplest Russian apartment, he finds the perfect light. Looking at the photos taken by Denis, even a person who has never held a baby in his arms will feel his warmth.

Denis maintains a very kind blog where he publishes not only soul-taking photos, but also shares the secrets of his work.

15 lessons. + Big webinar + Revelations about photographer marketing

What will be on the course:

You will see the shooting of a real family in an ordinary apartment
learn how to select, process and retouch frames
you will understand how he makes a series in order to completely get a wow effect
get the most valuable knowledge about composition, light, chips and techniques, which are presented in a simple and understandable language without water
participate in the most powerful practical with feedback for each task from the curator
meet colleagues
get inspired to create your own style in photography

Regalia of the photographer:

Grand Prix “Photographer of the Year” of the Annual International Prize for Children and Family Photographers 2016 | Bicfp
Photographer of the Year WEDLIFE AWARDS 2014 (Annual International Award for Professional Photographers and Videographers)
Finalist of BEST FAMILY PHOTO 2017 / special prize
spbwedawards nominee “Best Photographer 2016”
AdmePhotoAwards2016 nomination “Happiness to be a parent” 2nd place
MyWed Award 2015 / Winner in the MAGIC OF LIGHT nomination
3rd place at AdMe Photo Awards 2014
1st place at AdMe Photo Awards 2013

Language: Russian – 5.0 – 3.4

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