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Maria Hair is a high quality long conforming hair for Victoria 4, Aiko 4 and The Girl 4 with up-to-date technical goodies.

IT comes with a standard and a mirrored hair figure which can be either conformed or parented to V4.


Maria Hair is a multi-layered quality hairstyle with a subtle

polygon count to make it look flawless when being morphed,

but does not break down computer resources. The hairfigures come with 3 additional bodyhandles to move the front left and right google.com and the back google.com seperately.


A big effort has been put into the creation of morphs for this

hair to give you many possibilities for styling and adjusting.

Included are 80 morph targets for styling, adjusting and FX,

letting the hair fly in the wind, being pulled behind the

shoulders and even bring one side behind the ear.

Figure Fit morphs come for Aiko 4, Aiko 4 Realistic and

The Girl 4. Additionally you will get 10 PRESET Styles.


The hair joint setup has been improved with built-in JCMs for

better bending. CTRL Jcms for shoulder movement prevent

sticking hair into skin on shoulder areas when arms are moved.


Please make sure you try out just parenting the hair to V4‘s head

instead of conforming it. Parenting will free you from mesh distortion

with more extreme head / neck movement, however it will require

your manual adjustment. With the included morphs and bodyhandles

and with a few tries you will surely get a very nice result of movement.

Since every pose is different, try out a different combination of morphs

and bodyhandle movement to find a way of movement to your desire.

Especially windy hair styles work better with having the hair

parented than conformed.

Windy promo renders are done with a parented hair.


A big brandnew feature in our hairs is the innovative and unique OOT HAIRBLENDING feature. Easilz blend one of the 50 included high resolution photorealistic textures with each other for thousands of looks. See the popup promos above for more information!

Have a look at the Promo Popups for more information.


What you get with this package:


01 Hairfigure (Default)

01 Hairfigure (Mirrored)

50 Texturecolors for the Hair

50 Python Hairblending Overlay Options [POSER ONLY]


Texturesizes and Listing:


50 Textures for the Cap (2500×2500)

01 Transmap for the Cap (2500×2500)

50 Textures for the Hair (2500×2500)

01 Transmap for the Hair (2500×2500)

01 Specularmap for the Hair (2500×2500)

01 Bumpmap for the Hair (2500×2500)

50 Matposes for Full Hair [POSER]

50 Python Hairblending Options [POSER]

50 Matposes for Full Hair [DAZ STUDIO]

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