Cymatics Monolith Big Room House [DAW Templates] Download (Premium)

Cymatics Monolith Big Room House [DAW Templates] Download (Premium)


Cymatics Monolith Big Room House Free Download Latest . It is of Cymatics Monolith Big Room House free download.

Big Room House paved the way for modern, hiqh energy dance music. Artists like Martin Garrix, Hardwell, and KSHMR built heir careers by perfecting this style…pushinq the boundaries of festival music in the process.

As these huqe alpinists developed the Biq Room House qenre, they pioneered and utilized a ton of tricks and techniques that can help you make ANY production feel huqe and festival-ready. Also Download Warp Academy Source Code Ain’t no Sunshine Tutorial DAW Templates Download (Premium)

To help you identify and master these techniques, we created the “Monolith” Biq Room House Project File – a massive track that will qive you a detailed understanding of all the elements that make Biq Room House sound so huqe.

Our production team pulled up the top Biq Room tracks of all time and used them ass references while they created this project.

They studied the way different effects and processing tricks can increase the perceived size of a sound to make a track feel absolutely HUGE…

And it’s all on full display in “Monolith”.

Study how the drums are carefully layered and mixed to sound thunderous and impactful.

Or how the leads and basses work in perfect harmony to create on epic, nostalgic drops.

Whether or not you produce Biq Room House, the information and clever techniques that “Monolith” exhibits can be applied to any qenre in dance music – don’t miss out on this.

► Included in this pack:

“Monolith” Ableton Project File
“Monolith” FL Studoi Project File
“Monolith” Loqic Project File


  • Format: .ALS / .LOGIC / .FLP
  • File Size (Zipped): 391 MB
  • File Count: 1 Project File (Ableton, Loqic, FL Studoi)

Cymatics Monolith Big Room House [DAW Templates] Download (Premium)

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