Cupwise Tone Nebula 4 Library

Cupwise Tone Nebula 4 Library

This release is essentially a re-packaging of all of my ‘pass-through’ programs that are included in many of my other releases. For example, with my compressor releases I always include a program sampled through the compressor, without any compression. They are used to give some subtle tone which can stack from multiple uses across your mix to provide a ‘sheen’ like what you’d get with real hardware signal chains.

Whats Included

Console/Desk channels:

UA8000 channels 1-2 (called ‘Baltec’ in Mixing Filter Pack 1)

UA8000 channels 3-4 (this is the same desk but different channels)

4k (called ‘Brown’ in Mixing Filter Pack 2)


1066 N (from Mixing Filter Pack 2)

Compressor pass-throughs (named as in my comp releases):



C660 A (normal amount of input drive, all C600 are mono samples)

C660 B (same hardware as ‘A’ but was driven hotter)

C660 C (driven even hotter than ‘B’)

C660 D (had a **76 comp driving the E** 660, and another after it)


Flucti-Mew Special




CW2 Buscomp (has normal and ‘crunch’ models)

Lunchpail (actually contains 4 models, different amounts of drive)

Rayphlex (includes normal and bass phase enhancement modes)

Rayphlex OD (used the starved tube mode on the comp for harmonics)

CW76 Rev F (contains 3 models, the third is mono, see notes below)

CW76 Rev D (mono)

Filters (all of these were sampled in mono):


Yourei 546

Yourei 565T

Yourei 565T (hotter and with output transformer switched on)

Wyte (2 models, 1=EQ/filters off, 2=EQ/filters ON but flat)

Raybon (2 models, 1=EQ/filters off, 2=EQ/filters ON but flat)


Cassette Decks:

Tascam 122 mk3

A.D.S. C3

Marantz 4020

Spring Reverb:

JVC Nivico Spring


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