CM Common Cutlery Set 12 Pieces 2516690 Free Crack + Key Download

CM Common Cutlery Set 12 Pieces 2516690 Free Crack + Key Download

Photorealistic 3D model of common cutlery set 12 pieces: table knife, table fork, table spoon, dessert knife, dessert fork, dessert spoon, fish knife, fish fork, teaspoon, tea fork, steak knife, butter knife. The model is completely UV-mapped and smoothable, made with 3ds Max 2011 and V-Ray 2.40.

Other cutlery pieces of this series:


  • Model was made with clean topology based on loops and quads.
  • Support edges are provided to retain model’s shape after subdivision.
  • Model provides level of details enough for close-up renders.
  • Objects, groups, materials, textures in a scene have unique and meaningful names.
  • Model has real world scale (system units – centimeters).
  • Base of the models is at the World Origin (0,0) just above the grid.
  • Model provides clean non-overlapping UVs.
  • Two *.max files are provided: with V-Ray materials and Standard materials.
  • Along with model only file, .max scene is provided which includes cameras and lighting setup used to render preview images.
  • The model is completely ready for visualization.
  • The exchange formats were delivered with 3 levels of mesh subdivision: 0, 1 and 2
  • Each mesh is put in a separate file.
  • Product previews were rendered in 3DS Max with V-Ray renderer using mesh subdivision level 2.

Turnaround Preview:

The following formats are included in the pack:

  • max (Autodesk 3ds Max® 2011, V-Ray renderer)
  • max (Autodesk 3ds Max® 2011, Scanline renderer)
  • ma (Autodesk Maya® 2011 (ASCII), Maya Software renderer)
  • (Autodesk Maya® 2011 (Binary), Maya Software renderer)
  • c4d (Maxon Cinema 4D R13, default renderer)
  • fbx (Autodesk FBX version 2013.3)
  • obj (Wavefront Technologies)
  • 3ds (3D Studio)
  • png (Preview images)
  • pdf (User Guide)
  • FBX, OBJ and 3DS files were exported straight from Autodesk 3ds Max®.

Polygon count (12272 vertices, 12248 quads, no tris or ngons):

  • Table Knife: 610 vertices, 608 quads
  • Table Fork: 1006 vertices, 1004 quads
  • Table Spoon: 590 vertices, 588 quads
  • Dessert Knife: 1950 vertices, 1948 quads
  • Dessert Fork: 966 vertices, 964 quads
  • Dessert Spoon: 590 vertices, 588 quads
  • Fish Knife: 770 vertices, 768 quads
  • Fish Fork: 1234 vertices, 1232 quads
  • Teaspoon: 590 vertices, 588 quads
  • Tea/Pie Fork: 1042 vertices, 1040 quads
  • Steak Knife: 2114 vertices, 2112 quads
  • Butter Spreader Knife: 810 vertices, 808 quads

Model dimensions:

  • Table Knife: W=2,4cm, L=22,5cm, H=0,5cm
  • Table Fork: W=2,8cm, L=19,7cm, H=2,0cm
  • Table Spoon: W=4,3cm, L=19,3cm, H=2,5cm
  • Dessert Knife: W=2,0cm, L=19,2cm, H=0,42cm
  • Dessert Fork: W=2,3cm, L=16,8cm, H=1,8cm
  • Dessert Spoon: W=3,8cm, L=17,0cm, H=2,2cm
  • Fish Knife: W=2,2cm, L=19,8cm, H=1,0cm
  • Fish Fork: W=2,5cm, L=18,7cm, H=2,0cm
  • Teaspoon: W=3,0cm, L=13,6cm, H=1,7cm
  • Tea/Pie fork: W=1,9cm, L=13,6cm, H=1,4cm
  • Steak Knife: W=2,5cm, L=21,6cm, H=0,43cm
  • Butter Spreader Knife: W=2,2cm, L=15,8cm, H=0,36cm

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