Cinesamples CineBrass CORE v1.7.0 rollerball’s Lite Version KONTAKT

Cinesamples CineBrass CORE v1.7.0 rollerball’s Lite Version KONTAKT

This is a light version of the Cinesamples CineBrass CORE library. The library contains a combination of solo and ensemble brass instruments, recorded in the legendary MGM Scoring Stage. The instruments sound regal and majestic, and the dynamics and tone go from a warm, mellow tone to an epic loud tone. This library provides an instant cinematic brass sound with a variety of essential articulations. The sound is especially good for a classic cinematic Hollywood sound, although with some tweaking it can fit modern and hybrid scoring needs quite well too. The patches are very playable and it’s easy to get ideas recorded in no time. Overall, a good all-round brass library which helps in getting great results very quickly.

Following changes were made to the library:
1. The “Close”, “Room”, and “Surround” mic position sample groups were removed. This is one of the very few libraries where the default mix sounds awesome and rarely needs any tweaking. In about 90% of use cases, I found myself using this mix only and rarely ever used the other mic positions.

2. The samples in the original release were in 24-bit 48kHz format. The samples were converted to 16-bit 48kHz and repacked into NKX containers. A null test results in a peak of -85dB, which won’t be audible at all. Also, after quite some testing, no issues were found with noise floor build-up when playing lots of notes. The conversion process takes the size down to 1.20GB from the original 10.9GB, which is an 89% reduction! 

NOTE: Kontakt v5.8.0 or higher is required. This library does not work with legit full version of Kontakt and k’d Kontakt is necessary to use this library.


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