Branding Color Palette: Create a Color Palette for Your Brand

Branding Color Palette: Create a Color Palette for Your Brand

 Branding Color Palette: Create a Color Palette for Your Brand

Aspiring artists are confronted with a vast array of colors and choices. This class serves as a guide to erase doubt and create confidence. Students will learn how to select memorable colors that can be integrated in various styles to suit multiple tastes to make unique brands with limited colors.

You will learn:

    •  How to choose your colors
    •  How to define the quality of your colors
    •  The importance of neutral colors
    •  The names of your colors
    •  How to apply the colors in your design

This class is for all artists and designers who know color basics and are familiar with Illustrator, Photoshop or Paint. The class provides essential knowledge about brand color,  it is useful for all businesses who want to take their brand to the next level. Even if you do not have experience in any software, you can still benefit from this class as you can apply the techniques on paper.

It is important to pick a limited color palette to make your design or artwork unique, so This class will provide students with different tools and techniques from a different perspective – a time saving color selector.

This skill is applicable in all kinds of drawing software and manual painting. Whether you would like to find your right color palette for your design or any kind of business where you have to present your brand, this is the right class for you.

Beautiful artwork arises from being precise and detail oriented. I am grounded in the essence of each color and the reasons for choosing them. I have spent so many years researching and experimenting with color composition and theory to find my true color palette which makes my brand stands out. You will learn all tips to take your brand to the next level.

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