Bondi Beach Map

By | December 4, 2019

Bondi Beach Map – How to get to Bondi Beach Australia

Buses run to the beach at ten minute intervals or higher all day from Bondi Junction. Services ar less frequent when regarding 7:30 pm in the dark, with buses each quarter-hour till time of day and, as your expedient, a bus runs each hour all night. On weekday and weekday nights there ar buses each 0.5 hour all night.

The terminal at Bondi Junction is regarding two kilometres back from the beach. The train service is meant to run each ten minutes on weekdays, and each quarter-hour at weekends. All, repeat all, buses from the beach to the town go via the terminal at Bondi Junction.

For a lot of timetable and route info on Sydney buses head to Sydney Buses. For train info head to Sydney Trains. For ferry timetables and routes head to Sydney Ferries. For discussion and articles regarding transport (good and bad) visit Action for transport.

Travelling from the City to Bondi Beach

Bus: All buses from town begin from Circular wharf and therefore the ride to Bondi Beach takes forty five minutes. The place to begin is in king Street, on the brink of ferry wharf variety two (opposite Customs House and therefore the AMP buildings).

The bus could also be numbered 380 or 333 with the destination showing North Bondi, state capital Heights, Watsons Bay or Bondi Beach. put together this is often known as “the 380 bus” and every one buses attend Bondi Beach. Buses go on Elizabeth Street to next to Hyde Park, turning left at port street, up to Taylor sq., thence to Paddington and Bondi Junction via Oxford Street.

The 389 bus conjointly starts from Circular wharf at identical stop, and reaches North Bondi via the rear streets of Paddington. It doesn’t go on the city district at Bondi Beach, instead it goes on Glenayr Avenue, regarding 2 blocks back from the beach.

Train: The stations so as square measure Central, Town Hall, Martin Place, Kings Cross, Edgecliff and Bondi Junction. The train ride takes eleven minutes from government building to Bondi Junction. Then develop into a 380, 381, 382 or 333 bus for a fifteen minute ride to the beach.

General Bus Information

Bus within the last 2 years there has been a powerful push to form the buses pre-pay At the time of putting this on ink, you’ll still pay your fare direct to the driver when 7pm, however ne’er on a 333 bendy-bus that area unit pre-pay solely.

Bus fares area unit calculated consistent with the quantity of sections you travel. it isn’t one value system, and it is a bit advanced for tourists however shortly from Bondi Beach it’s $2.10 to Bondi Junction (it’s known as one or two sections), $3.50 for Paddington and Darlinghurst (3 to five Sections) and $4.50 right all the way down to Circular dock.
Bondi Beach Map New fare systems.

For enquiries ring 131500. Timetables area unit displayed on posts at the most bus stops.
Concessions, transfers, fares on Sundays.

Brief recommendation for tourists: If you’re here for over 3 days…

There area unit concession fares and tickets for real students on their thanks to categories, and for pensioners. As a traveller, do not trouble with these, because the price tag} inspectors area unit terribly strict on concessions – you would possibly moreover don’t have any ticket the least bit. there’s undoubtedly no concession for that dreadful “International Student” card, and no concessions of any type for overseas “pensioner” or “retired” travellers.

The distinction between the bus numbers 380, 381 and 382 is sort of little. The 381 bus makes a small detour to the south off Bondi Road via Denham and dramatist Streets simply up from the beach. The 381 then terminates at Bondi Junction station and doesn’t head to the town. The 380 and also the 382 remain Bondi Road therefore saving concerning 2 minutes. The 382 is sort of a 380 however perpetually terminates at Bondi Junction sort of a 381.

The 333 bendy-bus is associate specific bus that solely stops at concerning each third stop; such stops area unit clearly marked. These buses run each ten minutes throughout the daytime and save concerning nine minutes on a visit from Bondi Beach to Circular dock. These buses area unit painted pale blue. you want to purchase your price tag prior to because the driver doesn’t sell tickets on the bus. The “bendy-bus” is that the latest fashion for Sydney Buses.

There is additionally the Bondi person bus. in camera run.

Bondi Beach Railway Stations for Tourists

Town Hall: A rabbit warren of an area with six platforms and multitudinous steps and escalators. It’s sort of a large three-dimensional game of snakes and ladders.

It’s a straightforward place to lose your sense of direction, thus do not be afraid to raise. All the outlets are removed, departure a station wholly destitute of soul, with a huge over provide of stupid signs and railway notices however with superb pedestrian flow .

You walk out one finish to succeed in the cinema district and Chinatown, and out the opposite finish for searching, the Queen Victoria Building and also the centre of city.

Either manner can cause Darling Harbour. The shortest manner is to travel out the cinema finish, veer right, walk up the steps to the road and walk at once down the Bathurst Street hill; however the a lot of attention-grabbing manner is to run during the Queen Victoria Building till you’ll be able to ride up the escalator, then walk on the bottom floor level till you reach the so much finish of the building, then flip left, walk down the Hill so across the previous Pyrmont Bridge. terribly scenic.

Central Station: This grand previous building is that the interchange purpose for country and interstate trains and most of the country and interstate bus services. Recent renovations have created this station a lot of pleasant for commuters.

Change at Central for the flying field train service however it’s is preposterously big-ticket and isn’t suggested for teams of individuals (a taxi is way cheaper for three) or after you have tons of baggage. Otherwise the flying field train service is quick and runs close to the terminals, each domestic and international. Note the very poor style at the International flying field with the station right at one finish, rather than within the middle.

Catch the country trains at Central for the Blue Mountains (a nice day trip), conjointly Wollongong, (a read from the train which will take your breath away, and from the Wollongong station it is a downhill ten minutes walk to the water), and to the north Gosford and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. of these routes area unit electrified and extremely scenic. you will not be frustrated. Major cities to the west, north and south of Sydney have trains each hour.

Martin Place: this is often the guts of the banking and legal district. It’s concerning ten minutes walk downhill or a fast bus ride to Circular wharfage, The Rocks and also the house. several museums and public buildings area unit near , as well as the Hyde Park Barracks. rehearse the yard of Sydney Hospital at the highest of Martin Place to succeed in the gallery.

Circular wharfage: there’s associate elevated station at Circular Quay, however it isn’t on the japanese Suburbs line – you have got to vary at government building or Central. This dynamical trains is sometimes not well worth the effort – the simplest strategy is to urge out at Martin Place and luxuriate in the walk down the Hill.

From Circular wharfage it is a short walk to the house and to a residential district referred to as The Rocks. The deposit of latest Art is simply on the city district. The Justice and Police deposit and also the deposit of Sydney area unit simply up the Hill. Harbour ferries as well as the Manly ferry depart from Circular wharfage.

Kings Cross: Up the escalator to the night life, strip joints and lots of hiker hotels. Visually stimulating with countless people to seem at. conjointly terribly pleasant within the day time – thousands of individuals really board the Cross and there area unit several sensible eateries to settle on from. It’s busy and a touch sleazy (actually terribly sleazy) on Fri and Sabbatum nights, except for several from the suburbs that is the attraction.

For Olympic Park, the standard arrange is to vary at Central. you will got to evoke recommendation at Central, however the standard strategy is to catch any train to Lidcombe so catch the shuttle train to Olympic Park.

Cronulla: several trains from Bondi Junction undergo to Cronulla, a beach concerning 30Km to the south, right at the opposite finish of the road. To explore Sydney, it is a sensible outing from Bondi. Cronulla is that the solely Sydney residential district with a terminus at the beach. there’s a ferry service each hour across to Bundeena on the side of Port Hacking.

The train service has been improved and there area unit currently four trains per hour. The Cronula terminus could be a level walk to the beach past the native outlets. It’s well worth the train ride for a calming time out and a pleasing lunch either at an out of doors restaurant by the surf or within the Cronulla RSL club that has sweeping bird’s-eye views of the beach.

This is the beach from the book and 1983 picture “Puberty Blues”. you furthermore may see a large cross section of Sydney suburbs on the way; bridges take the train across 2 rivers and you even get to seem down into people’s backyards because the train whizzes past.

Transport Trivia

The 380 bus travels a road that dates to the first days of the colony. Oxford Street, through Paddington and Bondi Junction, follows the ridges all the manner. Look out of the bus window and observe that the land typically slopes away on either side. This was the first road to South Head.

Similarly the road from Bondi Junction to Randwick (Bronte Road and Frenchman’s Road) additionally follows the ridge. several buses as well as the four hundred still follow this route. it had been the primary ever tram route in state capital over a hundred years past. Heritage analysis points out that the majority of the most roads within the japanese Suburbs follow aboriginal walking tracks that sanely followed the ridges and avoided the swamps.

History The Bondi Junction station opened in 1979 however the thought of associate japanese suburbs railway goes back, thus it’s same, as so much as 1865. Plans, modelled principally on London’s underground, had stations at Taylor sq., the previous Showground at Mooore Park and Randwick track. different projected lines would serve all the japanese suburbs beaches. sadly, associate extension of the prevailing line to succeed in Charing Cross, Randwick and also the University of agency was abandoned within the Eighties. Instead,

Bondi Junction Interchange Here you’ll be able to see trendy urban style at its worst, or unfriendly style at its best, betting on your viewpoint.

Bondi Beach Map

The reason there have been no retailers within the original Bondi Junction station is as a result of the Bondi Junction Chamber of Commerce opposed them. They argued that commuters may come back up to Oxford Street and purchase something they needed.

Locals will spot tourists on the trains. At Bondi Junction most trains reverse direction however the tourists do not flip their seats over to face the new direction of travel.

Visitors can notice that Bondi buses continuously travel in pairs, giving two buses each ten minutes, instead of a bus each 5 minutes as secure within the timetable. i’m faithfully up on that buses running in pairs on Bondi Road is caused by bus affinity magnetism, a neighborhood manifestation of latest age psychic attraction.