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By | December 11, 2019

Bondi Beach Facts

Bondi Beach Facts

The world illustrious Bondi Beach in Australia may be a mecca for tourists round the world. It’s one amongst those beaches with each gorgeous scenery and a spirited beach culture. The crescent sand beach is barely seven kilometres or four miles east of the Sydney Central downtown, that is why tons of locals, also as guests everywhere the globe, flock there within the summer.

It’s fascinating to understand additional regarding Bondi Beach and have an honest insight into why it’s one amongst the foremost well-liked beaches within the world over. you’ll notice a number of the facts below each amusing and engaging.

Bondi Beach is distinguished for its nice crystal blue water, similarly as its surf. it’s a contemporary, popular, and classy coastal beach. Bondi has many cafes and restaurants that look out over the beach and makes an excellent place to remain and visit. Bondi Beach is that the beach for all seasons.

Bondi Beach Weather

Generally speaking, the temperature in Bondi Beach is gratifying all year spherical, though the winter months is cooler. on the average throughout Gregorian calendar month to August temperatures sink between eight.8 – 17°C. The warmest months to go to the Beach ar from Jan to March once temperatures usually vary from 24-28 degrees and sometimes hotter into the 30’s. Either way, the remainder of the months ar a good time to go to, with the common temperature not going below twenty degrees astronomer generally and it’s still lovely on a sunny winter day.

Bondi Beach Accommodation

There area unit plenty of accommodation choices in Bondi Beach for travellers on all budgets. As a matter of reality, guests have plenty of decisions starting from backpackers and hostels, to bed and breakfasts, to hotels, motels, and maintained flats. throughout the summer months it’s suggested to book well beforehand to secure the simplest choices at the simplest costs as tourists from across Australia.


  • Francis O’Brien created the beach and also the encompassing lands of Bondi Estate accessible to the general public as a pleasure resort and a picnic area.
  • The area histrion additional and additional guests, and O’Brien nearly closed the estate to the general public.
    In 1859, the Municipal Council set upned to determine a part at Bondi Beach as a public reserve however did not get the govt. on board with the plan.
  • In June 1882, the govt. finally united and created Bondi Beach receptive the general public.
    Buses began to path to the outskirts of the japanese Suburbs of Sydney within the mid-1850s.
  • Several bus operators provided transport to Bondi Junction.
  • The buses ran regarding each 0.5 Associate in Nursing hour.
  • The authorities took over the running of bus services to Bondi Junction in 1933.
  • By 1994, Bondi Beach had a daily public utility.
  • The main stop of the Bondi bus is at Lamrock Avenue.
  • Tramway Bill was introduced within the New South Wales Parliament within the early decade.
  • In 1902, a sub-station at Bondi Junction was engineered.
  • By the year 1905, an electrical tram service between Sydney and Bondi Junction was established.
  • In late 1906, the primary electrical tram service right down to Bondi Beach began and was extended to North Bondi in 1929.
  • Steam trams were employed in 1906.
  • These trams had a locomotive to tug trailer cars and might typically accommodate seventy seated passengers.
  • The last trams to North Bondi and Bronte ran within the early hours of Gregorian calendar month twenty eight, 1960, and also the Brobdingnagian Sydney tram network finally closed at the top of Gregorian calendar month 1961.
  • At its peak in 1945, the tram network had carried 404 million passengers, however it had been bit by bit replaced by buses throughout the Nineteen Fifties.
  • Bondi Beach enlarged its quality within the year 1920 that some days there have been regarding a thousand cars pose close to the beach.
  • In 1926, the Municipal Council of Bondi introduced parking fees and later that year introduced regular parking (3 hour parking periods).
  • As of nowadays, you may pay an extended time searching for parking if you drive right down to Bondi Beach.

Fun Facts Bondi Beach

  1. Fact : The crescent Bondi Beach measures regarding one km or zero.62 miles long. it’s a vicinity of one.22 sq. kilometres or zero.5 sq. miles. it’s a reasonably huge beach however it will still get huddled throughout the summer months.
  2. Fact : Bondi Beach will get extremely huddled. The busiest summer day for Bondi Beach was once its calculable the amount of beach goers exceeds forty,000 on hot summer days. That’s heaps of individuals to urge the lifeguards extremely busy. however actual numbers square measure not possible to calculate as it’s a beach not a sports stadium.
  3. Fact : Bondi Beach is thought for its surf with waves which will reach four metres. The surf there will get terribly dangerous following huge storm systems. In 1938 on on a daily basis called Black Sunday some two hundred individuals were swept into the ocean in one moment once many Brobdingnagian waves hit individuals gathered on the sand bar. 5 died and dozens were cut within the deadliest day on record at the beach. Earlier within the day lifeguards had force seventy four individuals from the surf in one hour.
  4. Fact : Between 1990 and 2017 there are a complete of three unmotivated shark attacks at Bondi Beach. None are fatal. The beach is protected by shark nets, air police investigation groups, and lifeguards.
  5. Fact : The hottest day on the beach happened in Gregorian calendar month 2018 once a hot forty seven.3 degrees uranologist was recorded. That’s well beat the previous record from 2013 of forty five.8 degree. The summers at Bondi Beach square measure typically fine, however Sydney will get robust heat waves therefore be ready for it.
  6. Fact : Bondi Beach could be a favorite location for films, music videos, tv series, and even video games. As a matter of truth, a minimum of fifteen major production outfits selected the beach to be their official setting. a number of the additional well-liked TV shows that were recorded on the beach square measure Bondi Rescue, The Block, Being Lara hit, and Breakers.
  7. Fact : If you’re quite lucky, you’ll even catch a glimpse of some famed celebrities WHO board the Bondi Beach district. a number of them square measure Rose Byrne, ED Oxenbould, Victoria Rees, archangel Clarke, Larry Emdur, and Steven Kilbey.
  8. Fact : Bondi Beach is one amongst Sydney’s most densely inhabited areas and its population was measured at eleven,656 in 2016. apparently, 45.3% of the individuals were born in Australia, creating it a really international location.
  9. Fact : Visiting Bondi Beach at bound times of the year provides you over simply the waves to get pleasure from. There square measure a large type of events control there all year spherical, one amongst the foremost famed is that the town to Surf run control annually, with 80,000 participants finishing in Bondi Beach at the side of the enduring General Pants Bowl-A-Rama skate comp.
  10. Fact : In 2007 1,010 two-piece clad models gathered on Bondi Beach to line a Guinness record for the most important swimming costume image shoot. It appears fitting that Australia, and notably Bondi Beach, would be home to it explicit record.