Blue Cat Audio – Blue Cat’s All Plug-Ins Pack 2020 Free Download

Blue Cat Audio – Blue Cat’s All Plug-Ins Pack 2020 Free Download

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A set of plug-ins from Blue Cat Audio.

Blue Cat’s Axiom v1.4.0 is a powerful and affordable multi-effect processor and software for modeling guitar and bass amplifiers. Based on the popular Destructor plugin for modeling preamps, Axiom offers an infinite number of exceptional tones for your guitar.

Blue Cat Audio – Blue Cat’s All Plug-Ins Pack 2020 Over All

Blue Cat Audio – Blue Cat’s All Plug-Ins Pack 2020 Free Download

Blue Cat’s Destructor v1.5.1 is a powerful model of distortion and amplifier effects that can simulate any overload: from sharp digital destruction to smooth compression or modeling of a guitar amplifier.

Blue Cat’s DP Meter Pro v4.2.0 is a unique audio analysis tool: it combines highly flexible and customizable audio meters with advanced chain management capabilities thanks to MIDI and automation outputs

Blue Cat’s Dynamics v4.2.0 – A dynamic effect processor that can be used as a compressor, limiter, gate or expander, or even a shaper.

Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst Multi v2.3.0 – is a unique multitrack spectrum analyzer working in real time: this allows you to visualize the spectral content of several audio tracks on one screen with extreme clarity and high resolution, in time and frequency. This is an ideal mixing solution: you can use it as frequency sensors and see how much of the spectrum each instrument actually uses.

Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst Pro v1.9.5 is a real-time spectrum analysis program with advanced features. This tool was designed to provide extreme clarity and excellent resolution, both in time and frequency. Frequency analysis can be tuned to the smallest detail.

Blue Cat’s Hot Tuna v1.0

Blue Cat’s Late Replies v1.4.1 is a multi-tap delay, multi-effect and host for third-party plug-ins that can be inserted almost anywhere in the signal chain.

Blue Cat’s Liny EQ v5.1.0 – 8-band linear phase equalizer with very short delay and comprehensive visual feedback: thanks to its highly optimized linear phase core,

Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer v3.3.2 is a unique plugin that splits a signal into several frequency ranges and allows you to mix and match them as if they were separate tracks

Blue Cat’s Oscilloscope Multi v2.3.0 is a unique system for visualizing and comparing various tracks simultaneously in real time. This program allows you to visualize the contents of several audio tracks in one window and compare them thanks to the XY review.
Blue Cat’s ParametrEQ v3.5.2 is a 7-band parametric equalizer that combines the benefits of both the digital and analog worlds. Its special non-linear features allow you to easily model the compression and distortion that can be obtained in an analog EQ or, on the contrary, get a very clean and transparent digital EQ.

Blue Cat’s PatchWork v2.4.2 is a universal plug-in patch panel that allows you to connect up to 64 plug-ins in one instance in any sequencer. It allows you to connect effects in series or create up to 8 parallel chains that can be activated independently. With this plugin you can write your own effects with very little programming knowledge

Blue Cat’s Protector v2.2.0 – stereo brickwall limiter with customizable dynamic characteristics. You can use it on the master bus to protect the audio output from overload, limit the overall volume and improve the perceived volume thanks to the very transparent frequency response.

Blue Cat’s Re-Guitar v1.0

Blue Cat’s Remote Control v2.3.2 – a set of plug-ins that allow you to monitor and monitor in real time several MIDI-controlled plug-ins or devices from a single customizable user interface

Blue Cat’s StereoScope Multi v2.3.0 is a unique tool for visualizing the signal of several tracks in real time, which allows you to visualize the contents of several audio tracks on one screen and compare them thanks to the XY view

Blue Cat’s StereoScope Pro v1.9.1 is a stereo field analysis program in real-time mode with various types and functions of output in MIDI, automatic output. This program will help you analyze how an audio signal propagates in a stereo field, and you can easily spot potential problems of phase and mono compatibility.

Blue Cat Audio – Blue Cat’s All Plug-Ins Pack 2020 Free Download

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