Bend Face 4.2.0 for Blender Full Version Free Crack + Key Download

Bend Face

Bend Face 4.2.0 for Blender Full Version Free Crack + Key Download

Bend Face is a simple tool for Rotating / Moving your faces.

This tool allows you to rotate or move the selected face by any edge, or even using the face normal. It is super convenient and easy to use.

Basic Usage

When you use the tool, it shows yellow lines for the closest edge.

You can drag with left mouse button, it will rotate the mesh.

Or you can drag by right-mouse button, it will move the faces along it.

After rotation or movement, you can also input numbers directly for exact angle or distance in the Left-Bottom menu.

Face Normal Mode :

You can press F key to switch to Face Normal Mode. It will show yellow lines for face normal instead of edges. You can then rotate the faces by normal lines, or move along them.

Just press F key once to toggle the mode.

Edge Loop Copy

You can set a “Number of copies” to create edge-loops between the original face and the rotated / moved face. This powerful function allow you can created bended mesh easily.

Please see the above parameters in Left-Bottom menu.

Also, you can use Face-normal mode together with edge-loops copies option, increasing the Axis Offset (co-linear) to create some cool bended face extrusion.

Using the above parameters show in Left-Bottom menu.

There is no limit on how the faces are selected. There are many possibilities for this feature !


Sliding Rotation (experimental)

You can slide the vertices when you rotate. Just press S key to turn on Sliding mode. (when using this function, you can only have 1 face selected.)


Bend Face (demo)


Version 4.2.0

  • This is a major bug fix update
  • Now you can have “hole” in your faces selection. The empty selection in the inner area will not cause problems.

Bend Face 4.2.0 for Blender Full Version Free Crack + Key Download

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