Auto Move To SD Card v2.0.2 (Premium)

Auto Move To SD Card v2.0.2 (Premium)

Auto transfer files from internal to external SD Card (Memory Card).

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Worrying about low internal memory on your phone? If you are using a SD Card (Memory Card) on your phone then this app is very useful to you.
With this app you can automatically transfer files from internal memory to your SD Card memory.

Auto Transfer from Internal to External memory (SD Card) :

With this feature, auto transfer helps to transfer files from internal storage to external storage automatically and avoiding your internal memory to exhausted. This feature supports all image, video, audio, document, apk and other type of files.
Auto transfer will without opening this app, will transfer files from selected folders whenever a new file is added to these selected folders.
You can specifically select folder from which auto transfer of files should function.

Manual Transfer :

With this app, you can manually transfer all types of files from Internal to External or External to Internal Storage.

The app also shows statistics of internal and external memory.

Benefits of this application :

– The app helps you automatically transfer files from internal to external memory saving efforts and time of yours.
– The app helps keeping internal memory empty enough to make phone work faster and efficient.
– The app also allows manual transfer of files from internal to external or vice versa.


New Features :-
– Excessive Wake Ups – reduced by replacing Alarm manager with work manager.
– Allow to change SD Card path in app.
– Dark Mode Theme added.
– Added In built Video Player.
– Delete path of scheduled transfer.
– Show silent notification after transferring files automatically.
– Show insufficient storage dialog(for manual transfer) or notification(for auto or schedule transfer).
– Performance improvement of the app.











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