Auto File Transfer v3.3.0 (Premium)

Auto File Transfer v3.3.0 (Premium)

A tool that detect file added/modified and transfer the file instantly.

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A tool that detect file added/modified and transfer the file automatically.

What is this ?
After a file is created/modified, the file will be transferred automatically between two folder (Internal Storage or External SD Card), with below features:
– Supports sub folder
– Supports overriding file
– Show notification after file moved
– Scan media after file moved
– Set detection delay time
– Allow multiple task (premium feature)
– Allow turning on/off task (premium feature)
– Backup and restore task setting (premium feature)
– No Ads (premium feature)

Why you need this ?
1. Some apps (camera, phone screenshot, …) only can save file in internal storage, so this app can help to transfer the file to external SD card
2. Some apps (NAS file sync app, …) only able to access certain SD card location, so this app can help to transfer the file to other
3. anything that you can think

Q & A
Q1: This app is not working on my Android 8 phone ?
A1: Most Android 8+ systems prevent applications from running in the background, please check system settings and allow this application to run in the background. Please select schedule option “Instant (With Notification)” in the setting, if the notification is not displayed, it means the application was killed by the system.

*** Important ***
1. Only supports Android 5.0 or above
2. Please create a testing task(test folder with test file) for your first use.
3. This application has been extensively tested. Despite that, we will not be responsible for any data loss or damage.


► 3.3.0
1. “Turning task on/off” becomes a basic feature
2. App optimized
3. Bug fixed

► 3.2.0 , 3.2.1 , 3.2.2 , 3.2.3 , 3.2.4 , 3.2.5 , 3.2.6
*** Due to an old bug, schedule option will be automatically set to “Instant (With Notification)” in the setting after updating the app, please turn off or delete the task before updating the app to prevent any data lost. ***
1. API security upgraded
2. App optimized
3. Bug fixed

► 3.1.2 , 3.1.3 , 3.1.4
1. Added “lost code” button
2. Bug fixed











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