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AudioBlast AcidBox v1.1.0 Regged-R2R

Welcome to the AcidBox!
The AcidBox is a bass line synthesizer, a recreation of the iconic 303 bass line synthesizer from the 80’s with a new interface, which makes it easier to create real-time sequences and tweak them in a live situation.

3 synchronize modes: host sync, internal sync, MIDI in.
Up to 32 patterns
4 Distortion units.
1 Delay, with synced and ping pong mode.
A sequencer, with on the fly MIDI in record, to ease your sequencing.
Ability to export and import your sequences, patterns, and banks in multiple formats.

Get your live performances further with ACID BOX, a bass line synthesizer with custom functions, a 16 to 64 steps sequencer, and 5 integrated effects.
A simple tool for real-time creation.


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