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Kush Audio SILIKA v1.1.0-R2R | Go AudiO

Kush Audio SILIKA v1.1.0-R2R After 9 years in the plugin game, Kush can finally say without exaggeration that, at least for one particular flavor of vintage compressors that clip beautifully, we have completely closed the Analog/Digital gap. SILIKA is not ‘close’, it’s not ‘different but just as good’. It’s ‘Sonically Identical’ to the types of

Kush Audio REDDI v1.0.3-R2R | Go AudiO

Kush Audio REDDI v1.0.3-R2R The original hardware REDDI is a legend among professional session players and commercial studio owners. Its hybrid tube/solid state gain circuits, beefy transformer, and oversized power supply have an uncanny ability to both reign in bass transients and punch them up. Without any eq – simply through its gentle tube shimmer

Kush Audio AR-1 v1.0.7-R2R | Go AudiO

Kush Audio AR-1 v1.0.7-R2R Vintage Mu Compressor AR-1 is a variable-mu tube compressor whose roots are in the raucous sound of the rockin’ American 50’s, yet it enjoys a posh, tea-sipping British image thanks to its use at Abbey Road Studios in late 60’s, notably on the later Beatles and earlier Pink Floyd records. Kush

Sheet Happens PERIPHERY Anthology 4-Pack PDF GPX

Sheet Happens PERIPHERY Anthology 4-Pack PDF GPX Get the entire Periphery DIGITAL guitar book collection for a great price PLUS save on shipping. Set comes with 4 digital books. Over 550 pages of riffs! P4: Hail Stan:Print-ready PDF eBOOK, 110 Pages.Product Details HERE. P3: Select Difficulty:Print-ready PDF eBOOK, 193 Pages.Product Details HERE. Juggernaut: Alpha:Print-ready PDF

Dark Intervals Patmos KONTAKT | Go AudiO

Dark Intervals Patmos KONTAKT PATMOS is Kontakt instrument. It features 45 instrument patches (and 30 multis). All sounds are atmospheric, pads and ambient motions, suitable for soundscapes, ambient music, trailer music and various genres seeking lush and deep sound. ​ Patmos is sampled with original patches made on analog hardware synths. Some patches were multilayered,

Musical Sampling Vocal Bundle KONTAKT

Musical Sampling Vocal Bundle KONTAKT Maggie + Amy + Fauxgorian Maggie• Rich, soulful female legato vocals• Legato Vowels: Ooo, Mmm, Ahh• 1.7 compressed NCW format Amy• Angelic, cinematic female legato vocals• Legato Vowels: Ahh, Mmm• 1.4 compressed NCW format Fauxgorian• Lush, cinematic male legato vocals• Legato Vowels: Ooo, Mmm, Ahh• 2.1 compressed

Voxengo Total Plug-ins 23.09.2021 (MacOS)

Voxengo Total Plug-ins 23.09.2021 (MacOS) Voxengo offers you high-quality professional DAW audio plugins: VST3 plugins, and AU plugins, and sample rate converters. Our goal is to provide user-friendly, robust, and efficient solutions for audio and music production, including mastering and surround sound. Voxengo professional audio plugins will empower your creativity and help improve the quality