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AEScripts Bao Boa v1.4.9 for After Effects Full Version Free Crack + Key Download

Bao Boa

AEScripts Bao Boa v1.4.9 for After Effects Full Version for Windows

Boa is a plugin for After Effects built to distort layers along mask paths.

The easiest, most precise and fastest way to warp layers along a path.

Have ever wished After Effects has a “Spline Deformer”? Then say hello to Boa!


  • NEW: Use ‘Stretch with verts match’ to use mask vertices just like Puppet Pins and get per segment distortion.
  • Undistort part of the texture. For example when bending an arm but you want to leave the hand undistorted. See feature video below.
  • Warp any source along any mask path
  • Rotate and twist along the path
  • Full control over start, end, scale and z position along the path
  • Mesh definition and sub-sampling for complete quality control
  • Extrude and contour in 3D!
  • Reacts to comp camera and lights
  • Super fast rendering
  • Fully native plugin

AEScripts Bao Boa v1.4.8 for After Effects Full Version for Windows



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