3D Animation and Game Teaser Production with Unity

3D Animation and Game Teaser Production with Unity

3D Animation and Game Teaser Production with Unity
Learn to create 3D animation clips for marketing and selling more games



When we finish developing our games or applications, the first problem we will face with: Lack of Marketing and Sales… We should find a studio to write down an advertisement script for us, and produce our animated advertisement movie.

Here is the good news: If you are a Unity Developer, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars for this purpose. You can use Unity’s Timeline and Animator, with some free tools and packages you can easily produce your advertisement movie.

For this purpose, during the course we will use only free assets and packages and we will finish a 3D cartoon animation from scratch. We will design a thirty seconds fun cartoony scene from the opening title to final rendered animation.

First, we will start to finding the inspiration for our animation

We will write down a short script in two column scenario format and design an animation storyboard

Next step will be writing down our bucket list and putting together all the assets and packages we need

We will setup our Unity development environment and make it ready for animation production

I will show you how to design and decorate your very first animation scene

I will show you how to import and use premade animations and integrate them to your project

I will show you how you can animate different body parts of 3D rigged characters

We will also animate different objects in our scene to reach a high-quality final product

We will use timeline to manage our cameras, animations and audio

Finally, we will add post processing effects and will be rendering our 30 seconds cartoony animation

Together we will dive in to the Unity’s real time rendering revolution which will affect multibillion-dollar animation industry soon. Under the instruction of a 20 years experienced instructor (who is lecturing at the well-known universities and developing game/animation projects in professional level) you will have the chance to become one of the pioneers of new generation animation developers.

Who this course is for:
All level Unity users curious about CG Animation basics
Users of other 3D animation software who would like to learn real time rendering with Unity
Game and Application developers who want to make their promo movie clips

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